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Bullying is repeated behavior involving a deliberate, conscious intent to hurt, threaten, frighten, or humiliate someone.

--It may include physical and/or verbal intimidation or assault; extortion or taking belongings; oral or written threats; outrageous teasing, mocking, taunting, putdowns, or name-calling; threatening looks, gestures, or actions; cruel rumors; suggestive comments; false accusations, negative use of text messages/internet, and/or social isolation.
-- Bullying behavior shall not be tolerated in any form at school or school-sponsored programs and activities.

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Some things to think about, if you are being bullied:
-- Let someone know what is going on. If no one knows, nothing can be done about it.
-- Travel with a friend anywhere you go, so you can have a witness to the actions.
-- Never retaliate against a student who is a bully, quickly find an adult/ teacher to report the incident to.
-- Keep any evidence of bullying (text messages, web page screenshots, notes, etc) that could help you make a case against the person.

If you are caught bullying a student in person or on-line, you can expect the following to occur:

- Meeting with the Dean of Students.
- Call home to Parents.
- Multiple Detentions to Suspension from School.
- In extreme cases, Expulsion may occur.

*Bullying is a Level III Discipline Infraction, which is the most serious level.

Other advice:
-- Stick up for your classmates, if you see Bullying occurring.
-- Remember the teachings of Jesus and treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.
-- Do not bring shame upon yourself or your family for your actions.
-- Putting others down is not only a waste of time, but ruins relationships and friendships that could be important in your life.

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